Swimer Mobi 5S Duo 450L

Swimer Mobi 5S Duo 450L

Diesel & AdBlue Mobile Tank

Mobile single-walled tanks SWIMER mobi 5S Duo for diesel (410L) and for AdBlue® (40L) 2in1 are made from extremely durable polyethylene which ensures long-term and comfortable use. SWIMER mobi 5S Duo are adapted for transport by forklift and transport belts.


✔Compact shape, tank easy to transport

✔Diesel and AdBlue® from one tank

✔Nozzle automatic

✔Lid lockable

✔Diesel pump by PIUSI (12V, 50l/min)

✔Pump on / off switch

✔AdBlue® pump

✔Actuator pneumatic

✔FMT digital flowmeter

✔Clock gauge

Dimensions: L x l x H (mm): 1200 x 800 x 715 

Weight (tank without liquid): 62 kg