Silage Grab Model Q

Silage Grab Model Q

Highlights: • Available in 1.2m, 1.5m & 1.8m

The Silage Grab Model Q is designed for use with a front loader to transport silage.

Replaceable Tines

The replaceable tines are characterised by high durability. The small clearance between the tines minimises the fallout of transported material.

Robust Wall

The full rear wall, reinforced with additional central ribs, protects against the falling off of the transported silage.

Reliable Clamping

The use of many tines in the base, in the upper part and two lateral parts, ensure an adequate, reliable clamping. The wide opening angle of the mobile frame allows free loading from the pile even directly at the wall.

Technical Data      
Sizes (mm) 1200 1500 1800
Load Capacity (kg) 500 650 800
Number of Cylinders 2 2 2
Weight of Equipment 285 325 360
Volume (m3) 0.56 0.71 0.86