P4-471 4-Rotor Tedder

P4-471 4-Rotor Tedder

Highlights: • 2 Years Warranty


Made of high dynamic spring wire, 4 coils for better flexibility, special tine mount for greater stability, 2 approach angles

Tine loss protection prevents unexpected loss of tines

Tine Arm

Round profile extends tine's life. Ideal ground following ensures uniform material spread

Oil Operating Gearbox

Cardan joints, with easy access grease points, ensure constant power transfer between the rotors. Low noise operation

Intersecting Gearbox

Solid and hermetic design of all intersecting gearboxes make rotors absolutely maintenance free. Work in oil-bat with permanent lubrication increases its longevity


Even layout of spread of material thanks to perfect tine arms overlapping


Protective guard against winding crop on the wheels and inner tubes ensure smooth & trouble free operation


Suspension mechanism enables setting the machine in central position during lifting . Tension of damping braces is an additional support

Standard Equipment

  • Tine loss protection
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Adjustable angle of spread
  • Wheels with adjustable angle of attack
  • Warning plates with LED road lights
  • PTO shaft
  • Limiting chain
  • Oil operating gearboxes
P4 - 471    
Working width [m / ft] 4,70 / 15’5”
Transport width [m / ft] 2,95 / 9’8”
Transport height [m / ft] 2,50 / 8’2”
The number of rotors [pcs.] 4
Necessary hydraulic couplers   1 x single acting
Working capacity [ha/h / ac/h] ~ 5,60 / 13,85
The number of rotor arms [pcs.] 6
Diameter of the rotor [cm / ft] 160 / 5’3”
RPM   540
3-point hitch cat.   II
Power demand [HP] from 30
Tires (with inner tubes) [pcs.] 16 x 6,5 - 8
Weight [kg / lbs] 665 / 1470
PTO shaft   tractor - tedder: with friction clutch