KBRP 200 Flail Mower

KBRP 200 Flail Mower


  • High durability owing to use of high-grade steel
  • Enables work within 60° to 90° range
  • Metal sheet for housing reinforcement

Ground Following Bar

  • Automatic cleaning with flails
  • No pressing of cut material

Flail Shaft

  • Equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • Arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material and faster drying & decomposition
  • Combined with front flail mower ensures less drives and as a result time saving

Standard Equipment

  • Flail shaft with a double helix of flails (double overlapping)
  • Mechanical safety device
  • Automatic tensioning of V-belts
  • Mowing height adjustment with a copying shaft
  • Rear rubber cover
  • Front protective plates
  • Replaceable counter knives
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft
  • Flail knives to choose from
    KBRP 200
Working width [m] 2
Required number of hydraulic connections    2 x double acting
Number of knives [pcs] 16 (24*)
working range   from +90° to -60°
Working shaft diameter [mm] 168
PTO speed [rpm] 540
Tractor power [HP] from 80
Three-point hitch category   II
Mass [kg] 825
Max. diameter of cut branches [mm] 80
PTO drive shaft   tractor - mower: wide-angle / double-sided with overload clutch
Number of counter knives   1 x Row (Fixed)